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The United Kingdom of God: Gentle Movement: supported by International , Kingdom, Inc. Doing ministry as World-wide International Church without Walls, Inc. Trade name! Being supported  by the IKConnection, Inc. Power House system. These system are facebook, microsolf, linkin, zimeo, xling, manta and some of the most brillant minds in the computer world. 
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to the IKConnection, Inc. Power House system for making the United Kingdom of God: Gentle Movement the most productive System in the world.
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Here at International Kingdom Connection, Inc., we are committed to serving God and the needs of you and your family. Using universal principles of spiritual concepts, we offer practical tools for leading a joyous, abundant and peaceful life. Our IKConnection, Inc. Power House system have developed were we are able to brand your family name, church, business and the name of your schools. Many people have the IKConnection, Inc. Power House system and  they are branding their family, church, school and company names. During our time of acceleration, professional engineers, computer experts, community resources and leaders have come into our data base system at Yahoo, LinkIn, Facebook, Skillpage, Twitter, New Papers, Radio and Television experts have come in to create an amazing opportunity to travel you, your expertise to individuals within a matter of one button, one show, one telephone conference, one email. Millions of people have the opportunity to contact you through a multimedia messaging system. You have incredible opportunities to market who you are, your family, church, resource and business 24 hours through a majority of social networking systems. 
Wherever you may be on your journey to a new discovery in life.The IKConnection, Inc. system has a team of five-fold ministers, entertainers like Dr. Fred Newsome, formal NBA stars like: Pastor Billy Thompson, formal motown singer, fragant inventor, model, edutor Prophet Cynthia Thompson The are now co-owners of Eternal Change Ministries out of Jesus People Miami Florida under the leadership of Pastor Isaiah and Dr. Gloria Williams, they are presently overseering the Jesus People Proclaimed International Church in Boca Raton, Florida for the time and location of their services go to The service starts at 9 a.m & 11 a.m., Wednesday, at 7:30 p.m.Bible Study. For more information on and events at JPPIC go to or The Intensive in the first week of August 2014. For more information email: eternalchangeministries555@ or For information on our next year Apostlic and Prophetic training call at: 561-361-0610.

Support the JPPIC, building compaign by: purchasing a brick at That's My Brick! JPPIC Brick Legacy Fund: Individuals will receive continuous recognition of their generous gift and organizations will benefit from lifetime marketing (names will be displayed on the donors wall). Giving Levels: Individual/Family: Bronze $500, Silver $2, 000, Gold: $5, 000, Platinum $10, 000, Platinum $50, 000, Diamond $ 100, 000, Organizations/Companies: Bronze $1, 000, Silver $5, 000, Gold $10, 000, Platinum $50, 000, Double Platinum $100, 000, Diamond $200, 000, JPPIC-3200 N. Federal Highway #105, Boca Raton, FL. 33431, 561-361-0610, JPPIC is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and your gift is tax deductible.
Congratulation to General Pam Bondi and her team of experts who have come into the IKConnection, Inc Power House system  to take your concerns to the proper resources in the United States Government, counseling, consultant services, criminal, fraud resources. These system are available for you through the United States Government. For more information on how you can report criminal activity google, Pam Bondi.  This  IKConnection, Inc. Power House system has become one of the greatest creators of a gentle movments on the face of the earth. We are giving you the opportunity to travel your positive lifestyle, communication languages and messages to a dark world or society.  We have now given other people the opportunity to build safe havens for their family legacies, churches, business, schools and communities. You have the opportunity to leave your legacy to the next generation by building your own personalized power house system. One brand name at a time like Bentleys, Baxters, Thompson, Thompson, Williams, Caesar or Bryans. Special thanks to Videa, Manta, Yahoo, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Facebook, LinkIn, Skill page, Broward Co. School Board Cab, and Pinacle for assisting us with creating advertisement communities in every geographical area.
If you are interested in creating your own data base sheet, please follow the following . First contact Vista or another system, go to all of your networking communities, create a data base sheet with emails to send out your community services, , family reuions, school events, sport events and other healthy activities. Once you have set up your data base spread sheet through a email system. You are allowed to brand the system to your own name. For example, Dr. Bentley Connection, Inc., the Prince Connection, Inc., the Kevonlian Connection, Inc., the Lillian Connection, Inc., the Jahari Connection, this give you as a parent, teacher, professor, pastor, or Principal an opportunity to allow people of all race, class, creed, sex and denominations an opportunity to build their own Power House system to communicate with their family, friends, church leaders, community and school leaders.
The IKConnection, Inc. team of experts welcome Mr. Alassane Seck with 5linx at For more informatin call 754-422-1865 or 1-609-742-1427. He has partner with us to build 1000 Joseph Store House..., For Africa Phil Otutey: 561-926-8272, Cananda: 870-275-4322, or Pastor Said in Kenya, Africa at: 233-209-8349, Irland, Autriella, Jamaica, China, Germany, Haiti, and various location around the world. If you are interested in representing your city, state or country. Please contatct us at Remember, "Together We Can Make A Difference In The Lives of Others...Our New Generation: Lead Ambassador is Mr. and Mrs. Duion Gouin in the West Palm Beach area. They have gather many churches in the West Palm Beach area under one umbrella.
Special Opportunities: International Kingdom Connection, Inc.  through New World Travel: For more information contact; Cynthia Covington at: New World Travel at 850-329-7684. Say the pass word: Connection. The greatest part about this cruise is that you can create a fundraiser yourself.
Apostles and five-fold members meet the man who dared to create a new party and constitution. What? Yes, Pastor Fred Newsome with the Newsome Party at
Executive Consultant with: Dr. Dinah Harper at:
Why Worldwide International Church without Walls?
The Silent Pain of a Great Man
The creator of Grandma Lilly and Grandpa Vinnie through aunthor, designer and artist: Alma Baxter
For Funding, company resources and filming your life story contact Dr. Webb at: 321-363-1553, 321-274-7367 and Rev. Jimmy Sherlock: Next,, the call: Yvonne B. Bentley: Domino's Pizza:Slice the Price: for fundraising call PLATINUM FUNDRAISING: 866-252-6103
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