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Here at International Kingdom Connection, Inc., we are committed to serving God and the needs of you and your family. Using universal principles of spirituality, we offer practical tools for leading a joyous, abundant and peaceful life.

Wherever you may be on your journey to a new discovery in life.
Join Pastor Billy and Prophet Cynthia Thompson for their Sunday services at 9 a.m & 11 a.m., Wednesday, at 7:30 p.m.Bible Study. For more information on online classes and events at JPPIC go to or The Intensive training in the first week of August 2014. For more information email: eternalchangeministries555@ or For more information on our next year Apostlic and Prophetic training call at: 561-361-0610. Save the dates for special training and guest featuring Pastor Billy and Prophet Cynthia Thompson on April 9-11 Woman You Will Conference, Saturday, May 30, 2014 and April 15, 2014 special guest.

Welcome our new attorney's supporting me in recovering from the individuals who have stolen the idea and concept of my new development system called the International Kingdom Connection, Inc. Power House attorney in the United Kingdom of God: Lawsuit. Our theme: Thou shall not steal. For Africa Phil Otutey: 561-926-8272, Cananda: 870-275-4322, or Pastor Said in Kenya, Africa at: 233-209-8349, Irland, Autriella, Jamaica, China, Germany, Haiti, and various location around the world. If you are interested in representing your city, state or country. Please contatct us at Remember, "Together We Can Make A Difference In The Lives of Others...

Special Opportunities: International Kingdom Connection, Inc.  through New World Travel: For more information contact; Cynthia Covington at: New World Travel at 850-329-7684. Say the pass word: Connection. The greatest part about this cruise is that you can create a fundraiser yourself.

Apostles and five-fold members meet the man who dared to create a new party and constitution. What? Yes, Pastor Fred Newsome with the Newsome Party at

Executive Consultant with: Dr. Dinah Harper at:
Why Worldwide International Church without Walls?
The Silent Pain of a Great Man
The creator of Grandma Lilly and Grandpa Vinnie through aunthor, designer and artist: Alma Baxter
For Funding, company resources and filming your life story contact Dr. Webb at: 321-363-1553, 321-274-7367 and Rev. Jimmy Sherlock: Next,, the call: Yvonne B. Bentley: Domino's Pizza:Slice the Price: for fundraising call PLATINUM FUNDRAISING: 866-252-6103

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